Installing and updating the game

What are the system requirements needed for the game?

We recommend devices with greater than 1GB of RAM and with a videodapter from Mali-720 and above. For your convenience the video memory should be greater than 256MB. The gaming process is also possible if you lower the quality of graphics and switch off the special effects. The game requires a stable internet connection at a speed of 256 kbps and above, with a parameter “ping” up to 180ms.

Where and how can I download the game?

Current and stable versions of the game are available in Appstore (IOS) and Google Play (Android). Also we post a link to a testing version in our official groups in social networks - Facebook and Vkontakte Facebook и VKontakte

I’ve faced a bug “your device is not supported”. How can I update the game?

If you see the warning “your device is not supported” in Google Play, it means that Google can’t ensure the proper functionality of the application on your device. In such circumstances we advise you to download the game on the link given in our groups Facebook or VKontakte, having deactivated a prohibition to install apps from external sources first.

When will the game be updated? What’s new in the following version?

We don’t air the time and date beforehand. Follow, please, our social groups in Facebook and VKontakte to keep yourself informed about all the recent events concerning the game. Besides, set an “Automatic updating” at the Google Play settings of the game to let all the versions be installed in your device automatically.

Why is the update for Android available, while IOS does not offer it?

We try to provide a timely access to the updates for all players. But due to some peculiarities of a check from both Google Play and Appstore administrators, the game may become available not right away for everyone willing to play. For a correct load distribution on servers Google Play and Appstore provide an access to an update step by step. Sometimes it may last for 48 hours.

What game version do I have now?

This information is shown there: SETTINGS => ABOUT THE GAME (For example, the version is 1.00.63, the build is 32137). Every version can have several builds, which get updated as fast as all detected bugs are fixed.

I don’t like a new version/build. How can I download the previous one?

New versions contain a bug fixing and provide a better optimization, that’s why after a new version is released, players can’t use the previous one. If you have met problems with a loading of a new version, contact us either via the groups in VKontakte/Facebook or via the mail, describe the problem in a detail and we’ll help you to tackle it.

How can I install the game in PC?

The game is developed for devices on Android and IOS. There are no versions for Java, Windows Mobile and PC. You can load the game on emulators, for example, BlueStacks or Nox, but we can’t ensure the proper functionality there.

Is it possible to play offline?

Unfortunately, no. The game is supposed to be online. Offline is not planned.

Authorization, account recovery and security

How can I create and change a login-password?

There are no logins-passwords right in the game. The gaming process is linked to your profile in Google Play games (Android)/ Game Center (IOS). The linking occurs after the first entrance to the game. The information concerning it is placed here: SETTINGS => the right dashboard.

How can I save my gaming process?

In order to do it you should link it to the profile in Google Play Games (Android)/ Game Center (IOS). Tap on the SETTINGS, where the information about the linking is shown. If the linking has been provided earlier, you’ll see your nickname in Google Play Games (Android)/ Game Center (IOS). Otherwise you’ll see a “LOGIN” button. If this is your case, follow these steps:

- Android
1. Install the Google Play games from the Google Play
2. Run the initial setup of the app
3. In the game tap on the SETTINGS => LOGIN. If you face an error “can’t login in Google Play Games”, so you need to update the

1. Activate your profile in Game Center there: SETTINGS => Game Center
2. In the game tap on the “LOGIN” button, which is placed at the SETTINGS

How can I link my gaming progress to my account in the Facebook or Vkontakte?

You can link your gaming progress only to the official services of Google Play Games (Android)/ Game Center (IOS). We don’t plan to link gaming progresses to a phone number, accounts in social networks, etc.

How can I restore my previous account?

If you had an account earlier and it was linked to the Google Play Games (Android)/ Game Center (IOS), you need to:

- Android:
1. Open the Google Play games app
2. Tap on the pencil image at the right upper corner
3. Activate the option “allow other players to find my Gamer ID using my name or email address”
4. Make sure that you’ve set the correct google account
5. If necessary, switch on another google account by tapping on "▼"
6. Re-install and load the game.

- IOS:
1. Tap on the SETTINGS => Game Center and activate it if it’s necessary
2. Set the previous profile that you used in Game Center
3. Restart the game

If for some reason these steps were not successful, contact us via CHAT => SUPPORT, we’ll try to help. If the previous account was deleted with a RESET button, it’ll be impossible to bring it back.

How can I switch between different profiles in Google Play Games/ Game Center to play several gaming accounts on one device?

There is no such an opportunity in the game. The gaming account is linked to your profile in Google Play Games/ Game Center. You can switch off an “automatic login” button in the Google Play Games settings, so that the game will let you choose between several profiles. It’ll allow you to switch between gaming accounts. Attention! If you reset your profile in Google Play Games/ Game Center, you’ll lose the access to your account forever.

Why was my gaming process reset?

Your gaming process may be reset because there was/were:

1. Formatting/firmware upgrade of your device
2. Clearing the cache in your device
3. Removal/defects of your flash card
4. Change of a device
5. Resetting/switching off/changing a profile in Google Play Games/ Game Center.
6. Intentional resetting of your profile in the Settings menu

How can I transfer my gaming progress from IOS to Android and vice versa?

It’s impossible. However, you can link your gaming progress to your profile in Google Play Games/ Game Center from each device. It’ll allow you to control your gaming account from both devices in turn. What should you do:

1. Install the game in both devices
2. Link your gaming progress from both devices to your profile in Google Play games / Game Center apps (read more in the “How can I save the gaming progress?)
3. You have to reach at least 10 rank on your main account;
4. Contact the support (Chat => Support) from both devices and tell an admin that you want to merge your accounts (don’t forget to mention both profiles’ names)

You can merge accounts only once. Re-merging your account to other ones is impossible.

This feature was provided in a test mode. The service is no longer available

I want to start from the beginning. How can I delete my current account?

Tap on the SETTINGS and scroll the screen till the end. Look through the terms and tap on the RESET button. You’ll see an input window with a confirmation code. Once you enter it, your account with all the current gaming progress and all payments will be permanently removed. You won’t be able to activate it again.

Abbreviations and game terms


Command Points determine your possibilities to manage units on a battlefield. Every unit needs a certain number of CP for being managed, CP are shown on a unit icon. The amount of available CP depends on a Headquarters level. CP gained from several Headquarters are not summarized. If your army reaches the maximum number of CP, new units won’t be trained until you upgrade the Headquarters to the next level or until you lose some units on a battlefield.


You can get Skill Points either in Tournaments, or when purchasing some packs in the SHOP menu. SP can be distributed between skills in the PROFILE section. Skills increase various combat characteristics in all battle types. The price of improvement increases with every step.


A Supply Center provides a continuous supply of resources on a battlefield.


It’s a battle between a person and a computer (in campaigns) within a previously prepared scenario. You can start a PvE battle in a BATTLES section (tap on the button with the image of a tank)


It’s a battle between 2 players (in a Tournament). You can start a PvP battle in a BATTLES section (tap on the button with the image of a tank)


Frames per second - it’s a productivity indicator of a graphics adapter of your device. The higher is the value, the smoother video is played on your device. FPS depend on the hardware capability of your device. You can test FPS with different graphics settings there: SETTINGS => TEST FPS


It’s a temporary prohibition to send messages in chats. Bans are given by automatic systems on the basis of other players complaints. It’s impossible to appeal/reduce/lift bans. Each additional ban lasts longer than the previous one.


Boosts temporarily increase various features of units and buildings in battles. Boosts speed up development, strengthen attacks and help to survive in difficult situations. Correct and timely use of boosts significantly increases your chances to win. They are placed there: SHOP => BOOSTS


Armor increases units survivability and decreases their damage received on a battlefield. You should learn exact figures by yourself by gaining more combat experience, because that is what defines a strategic element of RTS.

Secondary objectives

Apart from primary objectives in campaigns, there are secondary ones, which may appear on a course of a campaign. You get additional points for a completion of each secondary objective. Completion of secondary objectives will let players end up a mission with 3 stars and receive a maximum reward. You can take a look at the secondary objectives right in a battle, having tapped on a button next to the mini-map.

Winrate (Win Rate, WR)

It’s a percentage ratio of number of victories to a number of battles performed. 50 last battles are taken into account for a current winrate calculation.


Each commander has a rank, which gets promoted with an account development. Here is what depends on a rank:
- access to new units, buildings, their upgrades and new gaming modes
- the number of rewards and ingame payments
- the current league
You can find a detailed information about ranks there: SETTINGS => RANKS


Clans are groups of players with a limit of 50 people. Clans are needed for a cooperation and communication. You can join a clan as soon as you reach the 4th rank, but if you want to create a clan, you should reach an 8th rank. Clan membership gives you the following advantages:
- reliable and true friends
- bonus to reward for PvP battles
- doubled daily payment from the Command
You can read the details there: Clans => Information


Contracts are daily tasks. You can get an additional prize for their completion if you finish them within 24 hours. Complete all contracts within several consecutive days and your prize will get bigger. Contracts are different by color according to the level of their complexity: green, blue, red, black.

Containers in battles

There are containers with resources scattered all over maps. Gather them at the beginning of a battle to get additional resources for a development of your base. Move any ground unit adjacent to the container and tap on it to collect its resources. To collect the sea container move any water unit adjacent to it.

Containers for tokens

Containers in the main menu help players win ingame currency, things or advantages for tokens. Open containers and get bonus points that enable you to open supercontainers that contain many big prizes.


Players in Tournaments and Skirmishes are divided into leagues according to their ranks. Distribution of ranks into leagues is described there: SETTINGS => RANKS.


It’s a set of additional advantages, including several things together (ex, ingame currency and boosts). Packs are available there: SHOP => PACKS


It gives advantages in the game for a certain time. It’s available there: SHOP => PREMIUM


Each account has 2 profiles: one for every faction (one for the Confederation, another one for the Resistance). You can switch between profiles at any moment in the PROFILE section.

Deployment mode

It’s a short period of time at the beginning of a battle, when players construct buildings in an accelerated mode. Use the Deployment mode to accelerate the construction of those buildings that you need. Primarily build Barracks and Assault Vehicles Factory, which will produce units for intelligence, defence and container gathering. Upgrade the Headquarters in the WORKSHOP to increase the duration of the deployment mode.


Resourced are needed to construct buildings and train units in battles. Supply Centers provide with resources on a battlefield. Headquarters also produces small amounts of resources.


Bonus Supercontainers contain many big prizes. They can be opened as soon as the scale below is filled. When a supercontainer is opened, the scale resets itself and then it starts filling anew as soon as a player opens any container again. So if you want to open the biggest Supercontainer, you should not use the smaller supercontainers on the way through.

Tournament Points

You receive Tournament Points for a victory in a tournament battle. TPs for each battle depend on a level of a league and on a length of the accumulated winning series. A defeat in a tournament battle resets a winning series.


Tournaments are conducted in 2 stages. Each tournament starts with a Training Stage. During the Training Stage, you can train with other players on the tournament maps. Training battles in the tournament give you rewards and stars, but do not give you any TP. After the Training stage there comes the Main one. During the Main Stage, you must play the determined number of battles and earn the maximum possible TP for them. To participate in a tournament you should apply for it in the BATTLES => TOURNAMENT section. Tournament battles are available for players of the 7th rank and above. You can read a detailed information in the tournament rules.


The commander's skills influence various parameters in a battle. Skills improvement is made with Skill Points. They can be earned by winning battles in Tournaments. Skills are placed in the PROFILE section.


You receive crates as soon as you complete a battle. Crates contain great prizes. Crates are different by color in accordance with their value: blue, red, gold.
In dependence of a battle result, you can receive the following crates:
1. in victory:
- for a winning series
- for an activity in a battle
- for a completion of a mission with 3 stars
- for a strong competitor
2. in defeat:
- for an admirable resistance
You can also receive an additional crate with an ad.


It’s a time that data packet needs on the way from a player’s device to the server and back. The smaller ping is the more stable is the internet. The optimal value for a pleasant playing is 70-180 ms.

Google Play Games

It’s an application from Google, that helps to save a gaming progress. You can install and update it in the Google Play. The application has got its own profile (nickname), which is different from a Google account (gmail). Install Google Play games

Game Center

Game Center

It’s an application from Apple, that helps to save a gaming progress. You can set it in your iPhone/iPad’s menu. It doesn’t need to be installed or updated, because it is a part of IOS.